No Time, No Expertise-
No Problem! Let your land be cultivated!

Seize the opportunity to elevate your land investment with Faithful Farming, where your success is our top priority. By cooperating and leasing your agricultural land. You not only unlock a unique revenue stream but also enjoy a range of advantages tailored to enhance your financial returns and the long-term sustainability of your valuable asset.

Maximizing your Profit

Benefit from Lower Prices on Essential Inputs

The deep commitment to maximizing your profit begins with offering lower prices on essential inputs such as seeds and fertilizers, made possible by the expansive scale of our company. This means reduced operational costs for you, directly contributing to an increase in your overall profit margins.

Higher Profits -Your Fair Share

With Faithful Farming, your financial success is non-negotiable. Receiving a substantial 50% share of the profits ensures not only a fair but generous and bountiful return on your investment. The new partnership model places your prosperity at the forefront, guaranteeing a mutually beneficial collaboration.

Long-Term Profits through Soil Enhancement

Investing in your future is integral to a cooperative and longterm philosophy. Your land, more than an investment, is a valuable asset. Through regular soil samples in certified labs and targeted fertilizer-and soil additive treatments, that aim to enhance the quality of your soil. This dual-purpose approach not only leads to immediate gains but ensures the long-term appreciation of your land’s value.

Benefit from Ongoing Research for Sustainable Returns

At Faithful Farming, the focus extends beyond immediate gains; there is a commitment to securing long-term profits. Ongoing research initiatives include regular testing of new models and ideas in the fields. This commitment ensures that the concept of “Faithful” Farming remains profitable, promising sustainable returns over time. In choosing Faithful Farming, you’re not just investing; you’re entering a partnership designed to maximize your profit potential. The holistic approach, from cost-saving measures to continuous innovation, is crafted to secure your financial success and elevate your land investment to new heights.

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Why You should cooperate to go the faithful way

Part-Time Farmer Full-time farmer Cooperations Faithful Farming
Farming Experience
Local Expert Advisors
Sustainable Approach
Team Approach
Global Partners
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This offer fits you if...

  • You have land in Paraguay(if not click here )
  • You can’t cultivate it
  • You want to increase your profits
  • You are interested in long-term improvement of Your soil quality

Let your Land be cultivated by Faithful Farming

Benefit from Lower Prices on Seeds, Fertilizers and More. Thanks to the Scale of Our Company

Higher Profits – You Receive a Generous/Bountiful 50% of the Profits

No Effort Required on Your Part. Fields are sown, fertilized, plant protected and harvested without any action required from you! 100% work-free

Stay Informed – Receive Regular Reports Once a Month, Including Photos

Your Soil Gains Value and Quality! Regular soil samples in certified labs and targeted fertilizer treatments serve to continually enhance the quality – and consequently the value – of your land

Certified business modelling by a renowned auditing company(PwC) possible

Benefit from Ongoing Research. New models and ideas in the fields are regularly tested to make the concept of “Faithful” Farming profitable

Benefit from our extensive Expertise – Long-standing, experienced local consultants who combine regional knowledge with innovative research

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